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Request a maintenance visit

We always try to make sure that our properties are kept to a high standard however, as with any property, things can go wrong or break.

We have 3 levels of service available depending on the nature of the problem 

Everyday Repairs:

If something within your property needs repairing please contact us HERE. Problems may include

We aim to respond quickly and to provide a high standard of maintenance. Response times will be dependant on the issue

 Urgent Repairs:

If an issue is Urgent and happens outside office hours then please contact us HERE and we will be in touch within 24 Hours. Urgent repairs would be

Emergency maintenance:

An emergency is something that unless dealt with immediately would cause more damage to property or threaten the safety of the occupants. Emergency repairs would be

Please call 07867 677654   PLEASE NOTE: This service is for TRUE EMERGENCIES ONLY.

Please ensure you are satisfied that your problem really is an emergency and can not wait until the next working day. If we are called out to something that later turns out not to be an emergency you will be charged for the call out

Responce time

Click on the image to see a full list of our maintenance and emergency procedures

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